Frequently-Asked Questions


1.  Who is eligible to participate in this Award?
If you are between 16 and 25 years old, and a citizen or resident of Malaysia, you are able to apply for the Award.
2.  Is there an application fee?
No, this programme is free for all participants to apply for. However, volunteering at some of our partner organisations will require participants to pay a fee or /and cover costs such as accommodation, transportation and meals.
3.  When will the application period start?
Please refer to the Get Started Page.
4.  How will the application process work?
Click here to view the step-by-step application process.
5.  Can I pick which organisations I want to volunteer with?
Yes you can select up to three (3) preferred organisations. We will then assign you to the chosen organisation based on availability.
6.  What is the maximum number of organisations I can volunteer with?
You may volunteer at a maximum of three (3) organisations.
7.  Must I travel out of state to volunteer?
Your selected organisation must be based on your ability to travel. Make sure to look at volunteering options that are convenient for you.

About The Award

8.  Will I need to volunteer for the whole 3 month period? What if I could not commit the entire 3 months of the volunteering period?
No, you won’t need to volunteer for the whole 3 months. Depending on the organisation and their volunteering programme, some will require you to volunteer once a week on a certain day for a few hours, or only on the weekends, or be a full-time volunteer. However, this will be up to you. You only have to volunteer with organisations that fit your schedule and the timing that you are looking for.

Scenario 1:
If you’re only available for one week in August, you can volunteer with an organisation that is only looking for volunteers for those 7 days. If you volunteer for 8 hours a day for 7 days, you will be able to collect 56 hours and be eligible for the 2-Star Award.

Scenario 2:
If you’re only available on the weekends, you can volunteer with organisations looking for volunteers on the weekends. If you volunteer 5 hours every Saturday and Sunday, you will be able to collect 45 hours if you volunteer for a whole month only on the weekends.

Scenario 3:
Some organisations will be looking for full time volunteers, this would be mean that you would be spending the whole 3 months with the organisation at their site. However, this is only for applicants looking to volunteer for the whole 3 months.
9.  Are there different levels in this Award?
Yes, there are three (3) levels in this Award based on the minimum hours of volunteering completed:
  • 1-star: 45 Hours
  • 2-star: 55 Hours
  • 3-star: 75 Hours
10.  Can I volunteer with any organisation in Malaysia?
No, as a participant of this Award, there will be a diverse list of organisations which you can volunteer with. These organisations will be based all over Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur, Perak, Penang and Sabah, just to name a few.

The Certificate And The Award

11.  Will I receive a certificate once I collect enough volunteering hours?
Please refer to the Get Started Page. Participants who have collected enough hours as well as completed their online portfolio, will receive a certificate at the award giving ceremony, provided that the participant has completed all requirements set by the programme.
12.  What happens if I cannot achieve the minimum of 45 hours?
No certificate will be provided