About The Award

About The Award

Roots & Shoots Malaysia Award

The Roots & Shoots Malaysia Award is a youth achievement award that delivers positive impact on young people by promoting personal growth and development of soft skills that will make them valuable and contributing citizens of the planet. It recognises young people who complete a series of volunteer activities that are centred around the core values of respecting, protecting and nourishing all living things. This year, the Award will be set around the theme of Voices of the Rainforest : Protecting Our Shared Heritage with a specific focus on the Central Forest Spine region of Peninsula Malaysia.

This is a service-based award designed to encourage young people to commit their time towards serving causes that are much bigger than themselves, and in doing so - develop character building attitudes that create well rounded adults. It runs in line with what Roots & Shoots is all about : going beyond awareness. While any person can claim to be aware about a problem - it takes an exceptional individual to recognize their part in the solution and doing something about it. This is the kind of person the programme hopes to nurture.

The Roots & Shoots Malaysia Award works to promote the spirit of volunteerism in young people, engaging their heart in being passionate about an issue, their heads in thinking about an issue - and ultimately their hands, in being proactive and being a part of the solution on a local scale. RASMA aims to inculcate the mindset that every person CAN make a difference. While environmental problems are a global issue, it is the hope of R&S that RASMA will help young people realise their power in making a change wherever they are.

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Message from Roots & Shoots

Message from Roots & Shoots

“While any person can claim to be aware about a problem - it takes an exceptional individual to actively become part of the solution”

Inspired by Dr. Jane Goodall’s message of Hope, Peace and that every single person can make a difference no matter how old they are, the Roots and Shoots Malaysia Award was created to give young Malaysians a platform to gain experience and volunteer with our partners in various fields, related to helping the environment, animals and human communities.

We are grateful to Yayasan Hasanah, our Community Partner, for their support of this award. We are also excited to have the support of Google Earth Outreach for sharing their insights into tools related to Google mapping technology, which will potentially help the participants in conservation and education efforts in the near future.

As this is the first year of Roots and Shoots Malaysia Award, participants have the opportunity to volunteer at 15 selected partner organisations. We are hopeful that the number of partners will increase as this award matures.

It is also our hope that our participants can contribute meaningfully to our partners’ work. And in return, the participants will build up their capacity by learning important skills and knowledge that can help them make bigger impact in the world.

As Dr. Jane teaches, it’s all about going beyond awareness and taking action. While any person can claim to be aware about a problem - it takes an exceptional individual to actively become part of the solution. This is the spirit of Roots and Shoots.

Dr Jane has highlighted that a vital solution for global warming lies in protecting the remaining rainforests on Earth. Malaysians therefore have an important role to play in this regard, as we are the guardians of some of the world’s oldest and most biologically significant rainforests.

For our first year, our fifteen partner organisations have been carefully selected to focus around the theme of “Voices of the Rainforest: Protecting Our Shared Heritage”, with a particular emphasis on the “Central Forest Spine (CFS)”. We hope that our Roots and Shoots Malaysia Award participants will come out of this programme with the tools and the confidence to create and develop long term solutions to the conservation of our rainforests.

If you are aged between 16 to 25 years old, we welcome your application and look forward to working with you to make the world a better place.


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