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The Roots & Shoots Malaysia Award

Developing Young Malaysians Through Volunteerism

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The Roots & Shoots Malaysia Award or RASMA is a youth achievement award that delivers positive impact on young Malaysians. It recognises young people who complete a series of volunteer activities that are centred around the core values of respecting, protecting and nourishing all living things.

This is a service-based award designed to encourage young people to commit their time towards serving causes that are much bigger than themselves, and in doing so - develop character building attitudes that create well rounded adults. It runs in line with what Roots & Shoots is all about : going beyond awareness.

Volunteer Experience

Nurfatin Najihah, 23
Volunteering with Perak State Park Corporation under the Roots and Shoots Malaysia Award was a very humbling service-learning experience. The experience allowed me to offer my service, which was to organize and conduct a waste management program with the kids from one of the indigenous villages in Royal Belum. I got the chance to interact closely with the indigenous communities, particularly from the Jahai tribe.
Maryam Husna, 25
I found my niche in IDEAS. It was where I know and am able to address the problems we face with in regards to sustaining and preserving the earth. I was involved with research on the palm oil issue in Malaysia. I also got the chance to be the MC to several of IDEAS’ conferences. I got to have a deeper insight on how the world works and how we can strive for growth without sacrificing the environment.
Max Han, 18
I worked on two different projects — the Night Spotting Project (NSP) and Perhentian Turtle Project (PTP). I assisted the NSP team with their research on endangered nocturnal animals and launched a school outreach program on waste management with Ecobricks in Langkawi. I had the best time trekking through forests documenting different animals and working with kids on eco-education. With the PTP, I learnt a lot about turtles through snorkel surveys and nightly beach patrols for nesting turtles.

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Jane's Message

“When you understand the problems and are empowered to take action, what you are doing around the world is unbelievable.”

Dr. Jane Goodall is one of the world's most renowned ethologist and conservationist. Dr. Goodall has spent over 40 years researching chimpanzees. Today, she spends over 300 days a year travelling the globe spreading her messages of peace and conservation. Find out more about Dr. Goodall here.

"What is so important is hope, if we don't have hope, we give up, we do nothing, in this world of violence and fear, and it’s you young people, who give me the most hope. When you understand the problems and are empowered to take action, what you are doing around the world is unbelievable."

"The advice I give to young people today is exactly what my mother gave to me when I was 10 and I said I’m going to grow up, go to Africa, live with wild animals and write books about them. Everybody laughed. How could I do that? We didn’t have any money. World War II was raging. I was just a girl. But my mother always said, “If you really want something, you’re going to have to work hard, you’ll have to take advantage of every opportunity but don’t give up.” I’ve taken that message to young people… all around the world.”

Why Participate?

30 Exciting Partners

You get the opportunity to learn and give back while volunteering with any of our partners.
Make a Direct Impact

Engage your head, heart and hands to make a difference.
Be a Part of the RASMA Tribe

Be a part of a community of like-minded people that participates in on-going activities.

You will receive an award certificate upon completion and join the alumni family.
Pre-qualify for a Full Scholarship (For RASMA Graduates)

You will pre-qualify for a full scholarship for the Bachelor Degree Program in International Program for Sustainable Development at Chang Jung University. More info here.

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